Worldwide WD Community Survey Results



WHO: This past year the WDCN (CC Leigh, Gena Netten, Brita Grothe, Richard Shapiro, and myself) conducted a worldwide survey to assess the emerging needs of WD practitioners.
WHAT: Rather than just coming up with what we thought the needs were of the community, we wanted to hear directly from the community! We sought to invite the community to share their experiences and express their needs so we could then take steps to help create or make available access to resources to address those needs in the aim to help create a thriving culture and Waking Down community that enhances each individual’s life, those new and long-time members, and the world community at large.
HOW: — We announced the survey via email on WDTA list, Saniel’s list, FB groups, local area coordinator lists, and personal invitations from WDCN members. A total of x (need this amount) people were reached (can we get the total number of WDTA and Saniel email list).
The survey was hosted online at
~ We collected some demographics, (e.g. age, gender, how long in WD, roles, # of 2B’s, forms of engagement in WD, etc.)
~ We also offered questions about different topics (such as marketing, outreach, finances, empowerment, community support, learning needs)
— We received 278 completed survey responses
— Results were tallied and totaled in spreadsheet, calculations made
— WDCN members reviewed the results
--- We contacted survey participants that had expressed some unresolved conflicts to offer support resources for those individuals. WDCN members did follow-ups with select survey participants who asked for support around unresolved issues. Issues with individuals, teacher, mentor were mentioned and these individuals were contacted on case by case basis –to see if there was anything else that could be addressed in mutuality or mediation.

Since then a mediation process protocol is now in the process of development with the WDTA that can be made available to assist with such situations. See website:

We crunched numbers, and started to prepare for a Community Conference Call to share results, BUT….
- January’s curve-ball: the grievance committee process, and Saniel’s decision for Option B - leave the WDTA with mutual blessings.
- We put sharing the survey on hold and turned out attention to this big wave that washed through the WD world.
- Meanwhile, Gena Netten and CC Leigh worked countless and long hours to build the beautiful, new WD hub website.
— this new hub site addressed some significant needs expressed in survey:
* to have information in an easy location
* to be able to see where events and groups are happening around the world
* provided a better intro to WD, recommendations for how to start in WD

So, What did we learn? Well, many things… and a lot more than we have time for on this first call!!
That’s why we’re going to do several more calls, and post the survey results in a document on a website this fall.

But, to start with, here are a few fun factoids about our demographics:
— average age = 54
— men = 47%, women = 53%
— ~ 34% of folks have been in WD between 1-3 years, highest group (3-7 years = ~30%)
— ~ 60 % of respondents learned about WD through a friend
— ~ 60% of respondents have had their 2ndBirth

A special highlight of note:
— 85% of participants felt satisfied or very satisfied w/ their experience of WD

Also, there are three key things that we learned from the survey which we’ll focusing on today:
— “continual cross-fertilization of people, ideas, groups - sharing and communication
— Free services and information (video, audio, print)
— Ways for 2Lifers who are not on mentor/teacher track to stay engaged in community and serve

We’ll be talking about these three things in the context of what’s going on w/ WDM as a whole right now.
WDM as a whole is going through what can be seen as a necessary evolutionary transformation:
— the WDTA is coalescing and differentiating,
— while Saniel is doing the same and moves into a more autonomous role and expression,
— meanwhile the worldwide community is growing and calling for new forms of support.

The GC Forum created a platform for community to express itself like never before.
— Along with processing emotions about the GC process,
— there was a lot of creativity and intelligence about changes and ideas on moving forward.
— The Forum enabled teachers to respond to individuals directly but did not offer a unified spokesperson for community needs.

What's become clear is the necessity for coalescing and expressing the Community Voice.
— This would establish a better basis for collaboration with the WD leadership (WDTA, IAM, and Saniel/Linda)
— Enable us as a community to cultivate new platforms for building and creating in synergistic ways to co-evolve together.
-- "Things that need to change or are changing:"
** Increased accessibility
** help for people in remote areas, without community
** More orientation towards community-led events
** communities wanting to customize teacher support ('menu' idea for teacher and topic selection)
** Creating a concierge position to support new practitioners, show options

So, in light of all this, we are developing at WDCN things that are in the works to support our Collective Renaissance!!!!….