Community Conference Call Series

The Waking Down Community Network's free Community Conference Call series is currently underway. We've had two great calls so far, and several more are in the works!

Our third call is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18, 5:00 - 6:30 pm PT. The topic will be "The Myths and Magic of Mutuality." In last year's community survey many people mentioned they wanted more guidance about the practicalities of mutuality, so this conference call is aiming to address that need. Some of the things we hope to explore include:
- common misconceptions about mutuality,
- what mutuality really is and how it fits into embodied awakening,
- the role of coconut yoga,
- issues of authority and hierarchy,
- second life vs. first life dynamics in mutuality,
- when and how to use practical tools (such as nonviolent communication, active listening, I statements, etc.)
- other helpful resources.

To register to be on this call live, please send an email to

Previous Call Recordings and Outlines:

Call #2, Dec. 11, 2014: "Entering and Empowering the Community: Welcoming Newcomers and Creating Governance"

Call #1, Oct. 15, 2014: "Engaging & Expressing Our Collective Voice: A Renaissance of WD Community"